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DejaVu - Lady Arabella Basic
DejaVu – Lady Arabella Basic

I never played with dolls in my childhood. No,no,no! Surely, I had dolls. Even rare. But they didn’t interest me at that time.

My first doll was Barbie. My sons presented her as a gift to me, because they saw how I surfed on internet looking for very beautiful and detailed outfits for Barbie.

But very soon I was impressed by Robert Tonner dolls and I’m still his fan :). Most of all, I like Antoinette and now I’m overwhelmed with Deja Vu girls. Also I have Cami, Rose, Jon, Ferse on Antoinette’s body, DeAnna, Peggy and Supergirl on plus size body and three friends from Harry Potter movie – Hermione, Garry and Ron. There are 14 Ellowyne live with me, they are also Robert Tonner’s dolls but under Wildeimagination brand.

Iplehouse BID Nami
Iplehouse BID Nami

I own Ball Jointed Dolls (BJD) including Iplehouse, Kaye Wiggs and Souldoll dolls. Fairyland dolls and one Soom doll live with me as well.

After Robert Tonner dolls and BJD I paid attention to kids-dolls. Now I have Caroline from American Girl, Sophie from Gotz and Katie from Effanbee. I read “Anne of Green Gables” and after this book I bought Anne doll.

When I did first steps in dolls hobby I chose Ariadne as a nickname, and now you can easily guess why I named my blog as “Ariadne’s Thread” :) I use this nickname on Russian-speaking forums, but on English-speaking forums I have different names, partly because the nickname “Ariadne” hired sometimes. I’m “SiliEl” on “The Resin Cafe” and on DOA.

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