Dress with low open back and bow

Once, scrolling down through the news feed in Instagram, I paid attention to a dress with low open back and bow. Unfortunately, at that moment I didn’t save the picture.

A few days after I still couldn’t throw that dress from my head, but it was impossible to find that picture once again.

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Rose Garden – American Girl doll dresses collection

Last time when I showed my small collection of dresses for American Girl dolls, I thought that it was wonderful to sew collections of doll clothes.

But one collection more I do not have such thoughts 🙂


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Celebrating Lea’s Birthday

There was Lea’s Birthday month ago. I’d finished a new dress for her as a part of a dresses collection for American Girl dolls, and two days before her birthday we visited the sea shore to take Lea’s pictures.

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Simple Life – small dresses collection for American Girl dolls

How do you choose fabrics for doll clothes?

I know that the right way, probably not in a doll sewing, but in general, to draw sketches after you get an idea of a collection. And then visit fabric stores and buy the fabrics that you need.

But I live in Fabric Paradise!

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Holoku dress for Nanea Mitchell

Nanea Mitchell will celebrate her birthday on April, 11th. This year I had an opportunity to prepare a present for her earlier. I decided to sew her a traditional Holoku awaiian dress.

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Dolce-Gabbana dress, Spring-Summer 2017 collection

I’ve showed Dolce-Gabbana dress from Fall/Winter 2016-2017 collection for Caroline recently. I can’t leave Lea without her own dress. I chose Dolce-Gabbana dress from Spring-Summer 2017 collection for her.

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Dolce-Gabbana dress, Fall/Winter 2016-2017 collection

This Dolce-Gabbana dress from Fall/ Winter 2016-2017 collection became a madness in machine embroidery world!

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