Every girl would like to be a princess!

And every girl would like to have a dress that she can try on numerous times before a mirror and admire herself, swirls in it to show how the dress skirt is flying, and be absolute happy. Continue reading “Every girl would like to be a princess!”

Harucasting Nanni at playground

We moved 3 months ago, and everything is already unpacked. I’ve got a large and bright sewing room. Sewing machines and an overlock are unboxed as well, fabrics are tucked away in a new closet. The sewing place is well organized: I have a permanent place for cutting out now. The only thing I lost during moving in is… my inspiration. Continue reading “Harucasting Nanni at playground”

Dress with embroidered Peter Pan collar for Kaye Wiggs Gracie fairskin

Probably looking to this dress you may think that I’ve already shown it on Talyssa. Continue reading “Dress with embroidered Peter Pan collar for Kaye Wiggs Gracie fairskin”

Kaye Wiggs Dark Tan Miki

When I played the game on DoA where I had to recycle some used clothes I showed step-by-step how I sewed outfits, shoes and made accessorizes for my Kaye Wiggs dolls. And I did a remark that because I had 5 MSD dolls at that moment I sewed 5 outfits. Continue reading “Kaye Wiggs Dark Tan Miki”


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