Making jeans prototype for American Girl doll

Before reading the post, please, make sure that you clearly understand the difference between a prototype to check a basic sloper and a finished garment 🙂

I’ve promised to show my experiment with automatic pattern drawing and resizing the pattern to fit American Girl doll.

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American Girl dolls: where to make a waist?

– What is the question? – you may reply. – If you’re sewing an Empire dress, make it higher. If you’re about to sew a 1920s’ dress, it would be low.

Yes, that’s right. But what if I’m going to sew the 1940s’ dress with its underlined waist?

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DIY doll clothes hanger

I’ve finished a new collection for my American Girl dolls. During the photo-shoot I faced that I need a doll clothes hanger to show the dresses’ front and back. Sure, I made the first step and ordered wooden hangers from eBay. But estimated delivery is at the end of August.

What to do if I need hangers immediately? Of course, make them myself!

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Handmade gladiator shoes for American Girl dolls

I’d sewn a small collection of dresses for my American Girl dolls. And while I prepared for taking photos I’d faced a problem that I don’t have suitable shoes to present my collection! Sure, girls dolls never have enough shoes!

I’d tried to use cheaters method, because I’m lazy, – to buy shoes on eBay. But I had not found any shoes I liked. So I had to get pads that I made last year and make gladiator shoes for my American Girl dolls.

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Tudor French gown

Probably, because I like to sew, I’m interested in fashion history as well. My dolls are the perfect models to sew and try historical garments on them. Looking through “The Tudor Tailor” book by Jane Malcolm-Davies and Ninya Mikhaila, I burned with passion to sew Tudor French gowns for my girls.

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