Arno Dorian from Assassin’s Creed and Spider-man


Yesterday I finished my latest big project.

I already showed the sewing process. Unfortunately, I became seriously ill last week, so I was unable to stand up and especially to sew. As soon as I began to felt better, I immediately started to sew.

The shirt was ready, so I started from sewing breeches. I sewed tested breeches at first, then cut off details from a suitable fabric and sewed breeches.
After I finished breeches I cut off details of a long waistcoat.
Time was running out, so I forgot about the camera. I took only one picture during the sewing process. This is the picture of a cloak’s hood. But between long waistcoat and hood I sewed a short waistcoat and a cloak itself.
Now I can show the dressing process.
Did I promise Spider-man’s costume? Yes, I finished it also!

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