Arno Dorian shirt


I’m sewing a cosplay for my son now. One day I decided I would sew only one project by time. But my son persuaded me to sew for him too. Thus I’m sewing two projects right now: one is steampunk outfit for my doll, another one is the cosplay outfit for my son.

Smoking on cuff

I have to make a smoking on the cuff. I marked dots on 5mm distance one from each other. Because I need the cuff 24 cm long, I had to mark at least 48 cm by dots! This is not really easy.

It took about 6 hrs to finish smoking on one cuff only. I used air erasable pen for marks on the first cuff so I had to sew fast enough due to our wet weather. Marks disappeared so quickly that I had mark them again every 20 minutes :(

That’s why I used pencil for the second cuff. Pencil didn’t disappear and in this case I didn’t rush. So it took maybe a week to finish the second cuff.

After I’ve finished smokings I attached a lace to the cuffs.


The next step is to attach cuffs to sleeves. But first I had to sew a back part of the cuff.

I’ve already sewn a shirt. Just left side seams on the shirt and the sleeves opened.

I’ve used a description of a very old shirt from early 18th c. as a guide for sewing. The shirt has a lot of gathering on a neck. I sewed this part and attached a collar by hands because I don’t know how this would be possible by sewing machine.

Also the sleeves have a lot of gathering near shoulders as well and gores in armholes.

These are the sleeve gathered on the bottom and the finished cuffs. Now they are ready to sew them together.

After I attached the cuff to the sleeve I sewed the side seam on the sleeve from the gore to the cuff and another one on a bodice from the gore to the hem. Then I twisted twice the hem and stitched it. That’s all. The shirt was finished. And I’ve to sew breeches, a waistcoat and a cloak. Some details will have an embroidery on them so I think it will be interesting to sew them.

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