Juuzou Suzuya

Fifty Shades of… Blades. Juuzou Suzuya

I had only one week for sewing Juuzou Suzuya’s cosplay costume. I quickly finished two tank-shirts but after that time started to sew Juusou’s shirt.

Juusou wears white shirt and he hides knives inside it. It was a little bit strange for me because he not just wears the shirt with knives but he also gets them very fast and uses against ghouls. And when he gets a knife, it becomes bigger in his hands comparing with hidden knife. Magic! But I had to find decision how to sew the shirt and I did this.

When I discussed how to sew the shirt we negotiated that I’ll just sew and knives will be made for me. But it turned out that nobody prepared the knives and I found only one decision – to draw them!

I drew one knife on a piece of fabric and painted it. It looks great as for me.

After test image I carried on to paint on the shirt. Here are fifty knife’s blades. I painted the knives on the lining so the knives are not visible through the shirt. I also sewed red strings along the knives. May be somebody would like to finish real knives and in this case it will be possible to put and hide knives inside the shirt.

Full costume: the shirt, tank-shirts, suspenders and trousers. I did a make up as well.

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