Vainglory Samuel cosplay

Vainglory Samuel


I was busy with this cosplay since the end of summer. That’s why sometimes I missed to write posts to my blog. But I promised to keep this cosplay in secret because this hero was sewn for surprise!

Now the cosplay outfit was shown, and I even took pictures of some details.

Full outfit contains a white cotton shirt with long sleeves, a gray long waist and a brown short waist, grey trousers, a marsh cloak with a hood, a narrow belt and a second wide belt with a lot of details, sleeves and shoulders protectors, and boots!

I did an applique on the cloak’s back from silver vinyl.

Front details:

Belt and red ribbon tied on it:

Sleeves and shoulders protectors:

And boots:

When I finished this cosplay, I felt really tired myself, but satisfied!

2 thoughts on “Vainglory Samuel

  • This is amazing! So much detail. At first I thought the model was one of those super realistic small dolls, LOL, sorry! Then I realised that this is a real live human model!!! My mind is obviously too far into my dolly hobby.
    Anyway, you did a brilliant job, it must have taken you ages to get it all made!!

    • As one of my sons said, they’re better than dolls :lol:

      I started this job in August when first pictures of the hero appeared and finished only in December before cosplay party. I really never done such huge job before!

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