Striped dress for Gotz Sophie

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Once I saw a discussion about a dress that looks simple, but has a secret inside. At that moment I had Sophie for about one year already, she worked as a model and tried on a lot of outfits but doesn’t have her own dress! I decided she deserves this special dress.

I used a pattern for the bodice that my friend gave me. But for the skirt I created the pattern myself.


The skirt is a full circle with folds. The underskirt is also a full circle but without folds. The underskirt is attached to the skirt at the hem, thus the full constructions creates something like balloon skirt. Thereby, when the folds open, this creates an interesting effect with strips (that’s why I chose the striped fabric).

I also made the buttonhole at the back by hands with silk thread as on high-fashion garments.


As seen on the photos above, the dress is fully lined with no visible seams, all packed inside. I decorated it with stylized flowers at the front, and sewed undies as well.

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