1959 Vintage dresses

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When I showed up the dress with the low open back and the bow, I mentioned that I tried to find the dress prototype, unfortunately, unsuccessful. Instead of that dress I found another one, really close, but not the same. That was McCalls 5018 Vintage girl’s dress, dated to 1959.

I think you already get this: my dolls MUST have such the dress! And better is not only one 🙂

The pattern review says that this is:

Back buttoned high waisted dress with three gore gathered skirt. Lower edge of pleated sash tacked to dress at front, inserted through carriers at sides, tied at back. Bodice and sleeves lined with organdy. Sleeves, neck and right back edge trimmed with corded piping.

Vintage Patterns

I found the pattern cutting instruction as well, that showed me how the dress pattern should look.

I draw the pattern and tested it. Next step was to sew the real dress, but I had one serious problem.

The fact was that before sewing the dress, I cut details for a next quilt, and had an amazing fabric laid down on my cutting table. However, when I realized that I wish to sew the dress exactly from this fabric, there was only a small piece left. I laid out the pattern pieces on the fabric so and that way, but they didn’t fit in it. What to do? Continue to cut it for the patchwork? I couldn’t buy such fabric anymore, it was the remainder.

I had a brainstorm and came to the conclusion that continuing the patchwork wasn’t a bad idea. After all, not only quilts can be patchwork, right?

Finally, I cut the dress details! I bet you won’t see unnecessary seams on the dress itself!

1959's Vintage dress front view
Nanea Mitchell wears her 1959’s vintage dress on a morning stroll at Lian Shan Shuang Lin Monastery.
1959's Vintage dress back view
Nanea Mitchell wears her 1959’s vintage dress on a morning stroll at Lian Shan Shuang Lin Monastery.

After Nanea’s dress I decided to repeat it once again. Sorry, twice again. I had an idea to sew almost similar dresses for my both Caroline’s with tiny differences. I made the dress skirt longer and embellished one of the dresses with lace.

And for the photoshoot we visited Forbidden Spring – newly renovated ancient bathing place.

Caroline and Laura near a wading pool

Laura: – Oh, we came to visit bathing place on such a hot day! May we go to the wading pool?


Caroline: – We are ladies, dear! And we wear vintage dresses, not swimsuits!


Laura: – Well then I’m going to pretend that I am terribly interested in antique sculptures, while I am melting under the sun!

I decided to show Laura’s dress close up. It has 9 white buttons at the back that almost invisible because of the fabric print. It also decorated with the lace along neckline and sleeves’ hem.

All three dresses are lined at their bodices.


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  • You have been very busy! Well done on the dresses, it’s always nice when we find what we were looking for and everything comes together nicely.

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