Christmas dresses. Who does look better in the same dress?

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When I found a prototype for these dresses, I was subdued with tiny details.

Lea got her dress first.


The dress has a round skirt with pleats and a bow on the dress’s belt. V-neckline ends with two tiny mushroom buttons.


Sleeve’s cut ends with two buttons as well.


The dress’s bodice has a lining and closes with a zipper at the back.

Then the time came to sew the dress for Caroline.


I should give credits to my husband who helped me to convert an ordinary headband to stylish headband for Caroline 🙂 Isn’t she cute, is she?


Here are both American Girl dolls together for better comparison. Who does look better in the dress?


2 thoughts on “Christmas dresses. Who does look better in the same dress?

  • For me, Lea looks best in the red dress but that could be because I like that face sculpt more so am maybe drawn to it.
    I think Caroline’s hair looks good with the red though, being lighter blond. But to be honest, both girls look nice in their pretty dresses.

    • Thank you, Sharon! Yes, I agree that Caroline’s hair looks good with red, but Lea just shines in red 🙂

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