Dress with low open back and bow

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Once, scrolling down through the news feed in Instagram, I paid attention to a dress with low open back and bow. Unfortunately, at that moment I didn’t save the picture.

A few days after I still couldn’t throw that dress from my head, but it was impossible to find that picture once again.

I’m a quilter, and when I have an opportunity to buy beautiful fat quarter fabrics, I do this without doubts and hesitation. So when I saw these two sunny yellow matching fabrics, the dress with low open back came in my mind, I immediately made a decision.


Because I did not remember the dress in details, I decided to make the dress sleeveless with a pleated full circle skirt. I chose boat neckline for the dress because in this case I could draw nice lines at the back then.


The bow sewed to the dress and has snaps under it as a closure.

P.S. I took pictures at the newly created landmark in our Fort Canning park, that copies ancient fragrant and relaxing garden in Singapore king’s hill palace. My Laura stands in front of “14th century Majapahit era” brick split gates.

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