Caroline Abbott

Happy birthday, Caroline Abbott!


Caroline Abbott celebrates her birthday on 22nd October. I finished a new dress as a gift for my Caroline but…

Caroline and me went to a photoshoot to show her new dress for everyone. There were days before Diwali, and the city was dressed up with illumination. I thought that Caroline would look great on a background of lights, but unfortunately all the photos I took were very dark and blur.

I decided not to share them and make a new photo session. But we went to take pictures again only today .

Caroline posed with a smile. It can be seen that she likes my present.

The dress

The dress is very simple with a rounded neckline and small sleeves. Its skirt is slightly gathered. The dress’s bodice is lined to avoid the body coloring and stains. Probably she will never have stains :) because she is American Girl doll but I used to do that with BJD.

The highlight of the dress is a belt with two-tone ribbon rose.

The dress fastens at the back with 5 buttons in roses’ tone on the fabric print.

High lace-up boots

I also made high lace-up boots matching with her dress. I used Miche Designs pattern I got on PixieFaire, but to be honest I remained dissatisfied with it. The boots are too loose for my Caroline. Probably because my artificial leather softer than was recommended.

Next time I’ll do the shoe pattern myself. Especially I’ve already have Carolina’s shoe pads.

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