Happy birthday, Caroline Abbott!

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Caroline Abbott celebrates her birthday on 22nd October. I finished a new dress as a gift for my Caroline but…

Caroline and me went to a photoshoot to show her new dress for everyone. There were days before Diwali, and the city was dressed up with illumination. I thought that Caroline would look great on a background of lights, but unfortunately all the photos I took were very dark and blur.

I decided not to share them and make a new photo session. But we went to take pictures again only today .

Caroline posed with a smile. It can be seen that she likes my present.


The dress

The dress is very simple with a rounded neckline and small sleeves. Its skirt is slightly gathered. The dress’s bodice is lined to avoid the body coloring and stains. Probably she will never have stains 🙂 because she is American Girl doll but I used to do that with BJD.

The highlight of the dress is a belt with two-tone ribbon rose.


The dress fastens at the back with 5 buttons in roses’ tone on the fabric print.

High lace-up boots

I also made high lace-up boots matching with her dress. I used Miche Designs pattern I got on PixieFaire, but to be honest I remained dissatisfied with it. The boots are too loose for my Caroline. Probably because my artificial leather softer than was recommended.


I decided to check my guess about soft leather. And for the next attempt I took tight leather. I changed sewing order a little to get better result. And here is the new result!


Much better, right?

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