Caroline Abbott in blue floral dress

Light blue floral dress for Caroline Abbott

When last time I asked about who does look better in the red dress, a lot of people on Facebook replied that the dress is better on Lea. It was so sad because I bought that fabric for Caroline.

After that I decided to use a fabric special for Caroline and chose light blue floral fabric that suits her eyes and makes them brighter!

I used the same pattern for the new dress.

2 thoughts on “Light blue floral dress for Caroline Abbott

  • Yes I was one of those people, but I think I mentioned that I’m probably very influenced by the sculpt as the Lea sculpt would be my choice if I were to have an AG doll.
    I do like this floral on Caroline though, I think it suits her very well and yes, it does bring out the colour of her eyes…in fact they almost look pale lavender to me, which really would go with the flowers on the dress (which are showing up that colour on my laptop).

    • You’re right, Sharon. Caroline is a very nice girl, and I really love her. But when Lea appears next to her, she dwarfs Caroline with her beauty.

      Therefore, it becomes difficult to pick up something for Caroline to emphasize her tenderness. I’m happy when it succeeds :)

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