Lea Clark American Girl doll

Lilac floral dress for Lea Clark

I wish to show how the previous dress would look if do not sew V-cuts on neckline and sleeves. This element looks awesome but it required huge sewing experience to make.

Yet even without these elements the dress still looks wonderful!

This time Lea is wearing simple dress with circle skirt and box pleats:

I’m glad I bought Lea. She is such a pretty that every outfit look awesome on her!

Do you agree with me? :)

2 thoughts on “Lilac floral dress for Lea Clark

  • She does look lovely. I would soooo buy Lea if she had a vinyl body or at least part vinyl, say down to the mid chest like the Bonnie & Pearl or Journey Girls, I just can’t get by the cloth part, but then I’m strange like that!
    But she has such a sweet face and the dress looks lovely on her :)

    • Thank you, Sharon!

      Yes, Lea is definitely a doll worth to have. Even she has cloth body ;)

      At first time I could not accept myself that American Girls have cloth body, and clothes that do not cover their body looked strange for me. But their faces and smiles reconciled me with their cloth body ;)

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