Caroline Abbott in mint sweater

Mint sleeveless sweater for Caroline Abbott

I finished knitted sleeveless sweater for Caroline, then another one for Lea. But my dolls can’t wear the sweaters without bottoms so I had to sew trousers for them.

The spring comes, and the rain comes not so often it was before. But the main problem when I’m going to take photos of new outfits, it is about too. I wish I took pictures more often then now.

I used Liberty Jane jeans pattern for trousers. But I’d changed it a little making them straight below knees. I used a sand color faux suede for the trousers: sand color perfectly blends with mint color in my opinion.

I used a pattern from Chinese magazine for the central part of the sweater. It was hard to knit because I had follow the pattern even in wrong rows and the wrong row had “p2tog” or “p2tog-tbl”. Yet the efforts were worth this! I can clearly see lily-of-the-valley flowers on the leaves in the center of the sweater. You see them also, don’t you?

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