Caroline and Lea together in sakura dresses

Spring is on the way! Sakura dresses for American Girl dolls

I had an idea to embroider and sew few outfits with sakura blossoms. I even created one embroidery design, embroidered it and sewed dresses. But after I took pictures of my dolls wearing these dresses I was unable to upload them

to website because my laptop broke :( By the same reason I was not able to create more designs and more outfits. And now I understand that it’s to late for spring outfits :(

But because I’ve already taken the pictures, sure, I decided to show them.

Here is Caroline in her dress:

And Lea:

The dress is very simple with only embroidery embellishment and has buttons closure at the back:

A lot of photos of both my American Girl dolls together:

Round dance:

2 thoughts on “Spring is on the way! Sakura dresses for American Girl dolls

  • These embroidered dresses are so beautiful, I love the simple design of the dress and then the gorgeous blossoms, they’re lovely.
    I think your two AG’s look perfect in them and are all ready for the summer now!

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