Stamford American International School uniform for American Girl doll

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I made this school uniform to a charity auction at Stamford American International School (SAIS Singapore) by order. The customer provided an old original school polo shirt and a pleated skirt.

Sewing process of Stamford American International School (SAIS) uniform

A friend of mine gave me a a white and red striped knit fabric to make piping. Thus, when I made piping itself, I had to be very careful with cutting and sewing so that white ends of piping were not visible in the finished uniform. As clearly visible on the photo above, I had to baste piping twice: first – two layers together, then – the basted piping peace to uniform details. Because I usually sew without any basting, this was challenging.

Further, factories use industrial sewing machines for sewing original school uniforms. But I don’t have one, so I used my domestic sewing machine, and it really didn’t “like” the uniform fabric! As the uniform has curved lines, I had not only baste the piping, but the whole details as well before the top-stitches.

And I was very limited in time…

Therefore I was really tired with the order and swore myself never repeat it again! 🙂

On the other hand, the finished school uniform looks amazing due to the excellent detailisation.

Caroline Abbott is wearing SAIS uniform.
SAIS uniform close up.

The real uniform has no closure at the back.

But I never try on doll clothes over their heads. Poor my Caroline, whose hair was tousled during testing a prototype and unfinished polo shirt trying on!

Thus my dolls need a closure at the back, for example, for an easy try on and take off process.

Since I had the original polo shirt, I ripped out its collar, cut out the collar for doll polo shirt from it keeping original edges, and serged back seams of the doll collar. Thus, I could use Velcro as a closure at the shirt back.

Caroline Abbott is wearing SAIS uniform.

After I finished Stamford American International School uniform, I took Caroline to a playground for photoshoot to keep this outfit in memories.

Stamford American International School uniform
Washed and packed for the customer.

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