Laura (former Caroline Abbott BeForever)

Shirt dress with a sash


Why do I like to sew for dolls? Probably because I can sew them outfits I will never wear myself. Because I do not wear such style. Or do not have the opportunity to wear such outfit. Or do not have such shape. Etc..

And I like to create patterns, solving some tasks as well.

I paid attention that I prefer minimalism when sewing for the dolls. Except I sew a Haute Couture dress that requires a lot of embellishment :)

All my outfits are about clear lines and perfect fitting! But less details :(

I wrote once that I buy fabric only when I clearly see WHAT I’ll sew from it.

This dress isn’t an exception. When I saw this fabric I immediately imagined a shirt dress with a row of contrast buttons (0h my gosh, I really like buttons as a closure!) Hmm… Should I add some details? Probably a small collar? Or a sash? Or both? :)
Laura in shirt dress with sash, front view

The small collar:
Laura in shirt dress with sash, collar details

And the sash:
Laura in shirt dress with sash, back details

P.S. The doll’s name, who’s modeling the dress, is Laura Annabel. She is former Caroline Abbott BeForever issued in 2014. Albeit I bought her on eBay as Isabelle Palmer, and I left “Isabelle” name for her. She was in a good condition except her wig. Because I was about to change her wig, I didn’t bother about it. But I already have Caroline Abbott made in 2012.And I paid attention that both dolls look similar. I recall a quiz on Instagram about both dolls editions, and I was one of the persons, who spotted the difference. I checked both dolls once again and then asked for the confirmation on my Instagram. Yes, it turned out that my “Isabelle” is Caroline. I dreamed about short ginger or carrot wig for the doll, so, I think, Caroline’s eyes look even better with this wig color and not necessary to change them too.

One thought on “Shirt dress with a sash

  • What a pretty dress, and the fabric for it is just perfect. I can easily see why you saw the fabric and thought of this style of outfit.
    Your girl is very pretty and her hair is such a lovely shade.

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