Simple Life – small dresses collection for American Girl dolls

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How do you choose fabrics for doll clothes?

I know that the right way, probably not in a doll sewing, but in general, to draw sketches after you get an idea of a collection. And then visit fabric stores and buy the fabrics that you need.

But I live in Fabric Paradise!

So sometimes I have a small walk at our fabric centers just for looking. And if I buy every fabric that I like I’ll have a huge stash at home 😉

So I came up with my own fabric purchase system. I buy only fabric that I can imagine how I will use it!

When I bought floral fabrics I thought that I should sew something very simple from them. I found pieces of one-color suitable fabric, and I had an idea!

I would like to show all the dresses, one by one.

The first dress is a simple wrap dress from navy blue floral fabric. The dress’s bodice has a lining, as many of my dresses have, and neckline edges finished with bright yellow bias. The bodice has a button closure at the back, and I found the buttons exactly the same color as the bias. The dress skirt is flared, it also has a belt, that keeping on doll waist by loops from the yellow fabric.


Banana color wrap floral dress with butterfly sleeves

The second dress sewn from banana color floral fabric. The difference is between it and the first one that it has butterfly sleeves made from dark magenta cotton-silk (50% cotton, 50% silk) fabric. The bias and the loops also made from this very soft, gentle and very pleasant to touch dark magenta fabric.


Embroidered floral dresses

Then I made an embroidery design using the fabric pattern as a reference. Because I had floral fabric in three different colors, I embroidered three bodices. I used the colors of each fabric for the each bodice. Here are the dresses:


Nanea decided that the dark blue floral wrap dress from the collection is very convenient if you are going to take a walk in the woods on a lazy sunny day, sit on a felled log, listening to the stupefying and, at the same time, lulling crickets chirping.


2 thoughts on “Simple Life – small dresses collection for American Girl dolls

  • These dresses are lovely, I particularly love the ones with the embroidered bodices, so pretty.
    Unfortunately I’m not as disciplined as you and I tend to see fabric and think “oooooh I must buy that one!” and as a result I have masses of fabric now without any idea what I will make with it. LOL. One day I will get around to use it all….but I’ll probably have to sew every day for the next 75 years to even make an inroad into my stash 😉

    • Thank you, Sharon!

      I’m not sure that this my “disciplined” approach is correct.

      I saw a beautiful fabric about a month ago. I couldn’t imagine immediately what I can to sew from it. So I didn’t buy it. A couple of days later I got a brilliant idea what to sew. And I had to check my schedule to go and buy that fabric.

      Alas, the fabric was sold out.

      So now I think – I have find a middle ground.

      And I have some fabrics that I like, but I will never sew from them. I keep them as fabric masterpieces 😉

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