Sweater for American Girl doll inspired by Richard Malone Fall-Winter 2021-2022 collection

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I check runway collections time to time to save looks I like and then use them to decide what I would like to sew-knit-embroider-etc for my dolls. But when I saw this sweater from Richard Malone Fall-Winter 2021-2022 collection, I immediately fell in love.

Ok, you may say that I too often fell in love with something. But this time I took out my needles and yarn, knitted a sample, calculated a pattern and started to knit the same night 🙂

I think, this is sufficient confirmation of my love to this sweater 🙂

I only decided that my doll needs the sweater oversized and a little longer. My doll is not extreme fashionista even she has the next season fashionable sweater. But I kept the main idea with raglan shoulder strap and the patterns’ combination.


I knitted the sweater twice (started from the neck) to distribute the pattern nicely, and so that it would perfectly come together after the sleeves.

In my opinion, the sweater looks very fashionable when worn tucked in.


And it also looks very interesting and relaxed if it’s not tucked in.


For the sweater, I used some Chinese yarn I bought a long time ago, it’s a blend of cotton and bamboo. The yarn is very thin, I got the knitting density of 4 stitches and 6 rows in one centimeter. I used 2 mm needles.

As seen in the photos, the yarn doesn’t able to keep the knitted elastic. But from the other hand, the knitted fabric (?) is really soft and comfortable. So pity, doll can’t feel this 🙂

On the sweater’s back, I knitted a strap with buttonholes, so that it fastens at the back with buttons.


I’m so happy that after so long period I come back and do something again for my dolls!

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