Lea Clark in white shirt and suage trouses

White shirt and sand color suede trousers for Lea


Lea also got sand color faux suede trousers. But because mint color doesn’t suits her I sewed a white shirt instead of knitted mint sweater :)

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I used Liberty Jane shirt pattern. But again – I don’t like it! At first, I have sewn a lot of shirts in my life and can clearly make sleeve cuts even with closed eyes! But sleeve cuts instructions are very strange :) in Liberty Jane pattern.

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At second, I always make real buttonholes on doll clothes starting from MSD size. And I was surprising that on this really big size they used snaps or Velcro. Probably if somebody sew cheap clothes for children’s play this works but not in my case. I finished this shirt only because I decided to follow instructions and have good sewing experience! And I convinced once again that it is better not to use a third-party sewing patterns.

When I decided that Lea needs boots to finish her image I didn’t start to find a pattern :) I made it myself. And I have to say that I really like how Lea’s boots look!

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I sewed her boots from tan color faux suede with cotton lining. I chose tan suede because her trousers made also from suede, and I think it would be nice combination of fabric in different colors. I bought a rubber in a craft store and used it for outer sole. I discovered that the rubber can be easily cut with scissors, then the edges can be easily treated with sandpaper so the finished sole looks pretty good.

2 thoughts on “White shirt and sand color suede trousers for Lea

  • The whole outfit is perfect for her, it’s lovely. I like the boots too.
    I agree that some patterns are really weirdly written and it’s often better to just ignore the instructions and do it as you would normally. The finished results, more often than not, are the same!

    • Thank you!

      Sharon, I’ve been sewing for decades but I never learned how to do this :) So I decided to follow instructions because this pattern was provided by good company with good sewing experience. I couln’t ignore their instructions :)

      Yet next time I’ll better make my own pattern.

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