American Girl Lea Clark

Celebrating Lea’s Birthday

There was Lea’s Birthday month ago. I’d finished a new dress for her, and two days before her birthday we visited the sea shore to take Lea’s pictures.

The dress has kimono sleeves and button closure at the back. The fabric has roses pattern and so thin that the dress weight is only 15 grams with buttons! I had to use heavy weight water soluble stabilizer to make the buttonholes on it!

During the photoshoot we found a fish and decided to rescue it :)

Taking Lea’s pictures I paid attention how her eyes matched roses leaves on fabric and the sea! Definitely, it’s her dress!

One thought on “Celebrating Lea’s Birthday

  • Very pretty! Happy Birthday to Lea. What a nice way to spend your birthday, on that gorgeous beach and wearing a new dress. I cannot think of a better way!

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