Christmas and New Year costumes

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There was a tradition to make a New Year costumes in my childhood. Usually girls were snowflakes, squirrels or foxes, boys were bears or rabbits.

I had long blonde hair, and I was lucky to be a Snow Maiden at my school.

No doubt that when I gave birth to my children, I started to sew the New Year costumes for them. They were a toy car, a ladybug, a cellphone, a rabbit in different years, and even December! (I hope everybody knows “The Twelve Months” fairy tale?)

But my children are grown up now. And I do not sew the New Year costumes for them for a long time. Sure, I sew cosplay costumes for them but this is little bit different.

This year I decided to sew the New Year costumes for my tiny BJD. One of chosen dolls is Chinese girl, and Chinese people will celebrate the Lunar New Year later. The other doll is Korean, and unfortunately, I know nothing about Korean traditions of celebrating the New Year. The last chosen doll is English girl.

I wondered why nobody here does not wear any costumes for a Christmas or the New Year? I asked a friend of mine in the UK about the New Year traditions, and especially, about the Christmas or the New Year costumes.

She replied that there is not a tradition to wear costumes for the Christmas or the New Year. It’s possible to wear a red or green sweater, or other color sweater with a Christmas theme.

But I had already sewn two snowflake costumes before I got her reply 🙂 I always dreamed to sew something like ballet costumes so I enjoyed making snowflake costumes: gathering meters of tulle, cutting out flowers from a lace and embellishing the costumes.

sewing snowflake dresses

I had an idea to create a New Year card with two dolls as snowflakes, one doll as a reindeer, a New Year fir and Christmas gifts.

After I finished the snowflake costumes, I made a reindeer costume prototype. Here is Harucasting Nanni wearing it and helping me to make some adjustments. Isn’t she cute?

reindeer costume prototype

I always forget that a doll should put a hand in a sleeve, and the doll’s hand is not as flexible as people. Thus, I always make the sleeve so narrow, and the doll’s hand hardly passes through it. Therefore, in the prototype, I had to make the sleeve wider and slightly make the hood smaller around the face.

After adjustments I sewed the reindeer costume from felt.

Next I decided to fully finish the snowflake costumes. I sewed tights first, put them on to the doll, then wrapped doll’s legs with cling wrap, glued masking type to the cling wrap and draw a ballet shoe on it. This is the simplest way to get shoe pattern.

How to make a pattern for a ballet shoes for BJD

Next I took a picture of pattern itself and cut out details.

cut out details for ballet shoes

I started to sew the ballet shoes by hand and was so fascinated with the sewing process that I did not take a single photograph of the process. I “woke up” only when I finished both pairs of the ballet shoes. Here they are.

ballet shoes for snowflake costume

I was about to make the New Year fir from 5 mm PVC. I surfed in the internet trying to find a suitable black-and-white image of the New Year fir that I had in my imagination. Found nothing! At that moment our New Year fir was delivered, and I started to decorate it. I took out a box of Christmas balls and it dawned on me. The box had a perfect shape of the New Year fir! I traced it to the PVC and got a lovely New Year fir 🙂

After that, it was not difficult to make a couple of New Year’s gifts. And have a photo session for the New Year card.

My tiny BJD in reindeer and snowflake costumes wish you a Merry Christmas!

I also took separate photographs of the costumes. These are my snowflakes:

Iplehouse Nami and Dollsbe Paprika in snowflakes costumes.

And, probably, the cutest reindeer in the world!

Harucasting Nanni in reindeer costume.

2 thoughts on “Christmas and New Year costumes

  • Those costumes are beautiful, I love Nanni in that reindeer outfit and the girls make perfect little snowflakes.
    Maybe you should make this a new tradition and maybe others will follow suit and have their dolls dressed up in costumes for the festive season!
    Happy New Year to you! I hope 2019 is a great one for you 🙂

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