Classic suit for Manuna mouse

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I have Manuna mouse gray for a long time, but for all this time he had only his “default” trousers, while his Lady (Manuna mouse white) has full outfit including a dress, a petticoat, pantaloons and even a bonnet! It is not good for a gentleman to be half-naked with a lady!

Sometimes my hands looking for something small to sew. Why do not sew a suit for the tiny gentleman?

I’d tested a pattern as usual first. Then started to sew.

I’ve taken a photo of the pattern on a cutting board in case you are interested to imagine its size.

First jacket with buttons on a lapel, and the second one – with a collar.

I’d finished the suit that includes trousers with pleats and a jacket. Because I like clear finish, all seams were finished with a blanket stitch. And I told myself – never ever again…

But never say “never”?

A couple days after, I decided that I wasn’t completely satisfied with the result. And I sewed another jacket, this time with a collar.

Finally he is dressed and looks very impressive, right?


And now he can invite his lady for a morning stroll to enjoy peace and quiet in an empty city…

2 thoughts on “Classic suit for Manuna mouse

  • What a cute little pair they make, and isn’t he the dapper mouse in his new jacket and trousers.
    Well done! They make such a great couple 🙂

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