Crochet dress inspired by Vanessa Montoro

Last time I published the article about my sewing experience in high humidity. Probably you wondered why I decided to write about this now?

In the article I showed brown lines that appeared on the garment.

The garment is a lingerie I sewed for my doll to wear under a crochet dress. Yes, my dolls have the same habits as me. I do not accept to wear a crochet dress without underwear. So they are :) And also I can’t accept that the underwear looks dirty because of the brown lines.

Thus I decided to sew a new lingerie. And of course after I finished it my doll had photoshoot to show the crochet dress.

Have you ever seen any girl who would not be photographed with flowers? :)

Regarding the crochet dress itself I crocheted it few years ago and also had shown it. The dress was inspired by Vanessa Montoro silk crocheted dresses. I did crochet this dress from a cotton.

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