Dolce-Gabbana dress, Fall/Winter 2016-2017 collection

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This Dolce-Gabbana dress from Fall/ Winter 2016-2017 collection became a madness in machine embroidery world!

I saw a lot of variations as for small girls and for women as well. Looking that everyone wish this dress I decided that my dolls should have such the wonderful dress in their own collection!

Therefore I prepared a pattern for the dress itself, digitized the mice embroidery design and embroidered them. After that I embellished my embroidery with beads and spangles by hand. And voila!

Caroline is wearing her new Haute Couture 🙂 Dolce-Gabbana dress with sewing mice:

Dolce-Gabbana mice dress for American Girl doll
Front view
Embroidery details
Back view
Embroidery details

I thought that Caroline’s image is only in the dress would be incomplete thus I made her matching headband with mouse ears and “silver” sandals.

Wrong side of the dress and headband with mouse ears
And lining, because my dolls wear dresses perfectly clean inside also as outside.
Silver shoes to complete the image
“Silver” shoes

P.S. It took me time for a while to take pictures because we still have wet season 🙁 But comparing with that countries that have snow in April and May, we are in better weather conditions, of course.

2 thoughts on “Dolce-Gabbana dress, Fall/Winter 2016-2017 collection

  • Ariadne!!! This dress is sooo cute, what a great job you’ve done of making it for your sweet AG! I love the machine embroidery. I need to use mine more and seeing this has inspired me.
    I love the ears headband too, well done!

    • Thank you, Sharon! I’m really glad that this dress inspired you 🙂

      It will be interesting to see how you will use machine embroidery for your dolls too 😉

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