Iplehouse BID Nami wears a dress with ruffles and pintucks I sewed for her.

Every girl would like to be a princess!


And every girl would like to have a dress that she can try on numerous times before a mirror and admire herself, swirls in it to show how the dress skirt is flying, and be absolute happy.

I fulfilled the dream.

The dress

Look at Nami.

What the magnificent skirt she has!

Nami decided to dance:

And the skirt is flying around her!

Then she saw her reflection. How beautiful she is in the dress!

Is she happy? Absolutely!

Sewing process

Ok, I’ll show some WIP pictures. First of all I prepared a dress pattern. Because I sewed such a dress for the first time, I prepared a pin tuck pattern as well.

Then using the pin tuck pattern and an air erasable pen I pen down folding lines.

Next it’s the time for very relaxing exercise: stitching the pin tucks.

Finished pin tucks on the skirt. Need to iron them.

For the front dress detail I used special pin tuck foot.

Then I made ruffles with gathering coefficient 2 and sewed them to the skirt. There are skirt and future front detail on the picture.

After this preparation the next sewing process was as usual: I cut out bodice and sleeve details from fabric and lining, sewed bodice with lining, gathered skirt (I think the gathering coefficient is about 6) and sewed it to the bodice, made snaps closure at the bodice back and embellished the dress a little. Voila! Nami has the new dress!

New face-up close up

Before I started sewing the dress I gave my Nami a new face up. I liked her cute face before but with the new face up I just adore her!

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