Dollsbe Paprika

Folk dress “Gorodec” for Dollsbe Paprika

I had an idea to sew a folk dress with an embroidery for my just arrived doll Dollsbe Paprika.

I created the embroidery design and even embroidered it on a fabric. I do not remember what happened but it was left for some time. When I found it at the end of March this year I discovered that my experience in creating machine embroidery designs is higher and I decided to recreate design using my new knowledges.

I recreated the design, embroidered it and the story repeated again: for some reasons I thrown it.

Last weekends I decided that I have everything for a pleasure sewing: a good pattern, an embroidered bodice front and, finally, the time!

What would be better to enjoy sunny day wearing the new dress at a countryside?

Away from the City!

Folk dress “Gorodec” details close up

The dress was sewn from a linen. It’s bodice has a cotton lining as usual. I sew white cotton lining to prevent stains on the doll body, at first. At second, I like when the wrong side of the dress is clean.

The very interesting detail in this dress for me – it’s sleeves. Probably I rediscovered a bicycle with these sleeves but I do not really remember dresses with such sleeves for tiny BJD. But don’t ask to repeat them again :) The sleeves are very tiny for my fingers!

The dress has small buttons on the back but it really fastens with snaps.

The underskirt was sewn from a batiste. This fabric is so thin and transparent that it was hard to cut the details off, to sew them and finish the edges. The underskirt has one wide ruffle. The dress skirt has 2 ruffles different in width. Small bow gathers the skirt a little showing the underskirt ruffle.

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