“Heart” dress for Nanni

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At the beginning of the last month we had a short vacation at the nearest island in Indonesia – Bintan. I decided to take Nanni with me. And the main reason to take her was to sew new outfits for her:)

Nanni got a new very simple dress with “heart” at the back with lush skirt and underskirt trimmed with lace. I also bought matching straw hat for this dress. She got two swimsuits as well and new leggins with t-shirt. She had to be the most fashionable doll girl at the island!

Unfortunately we had very busy vacation with a lot of activities so I had no time and power to take pictures of all Nanni’s outfits. But I took her photos in the dress with “heart” at the back. This photos will remind me of this wonderful vacation!

– Hey! How are you?
– Do you like the sea as I like it?
– Even I’m not swimming I like looking at the sea…
… and dreaming…

2 thoughts on ““Heart” dress for Nanni

  • What a cute dress and of course a lovely girl! I do like Haru’s dolls and coincidentally, I just this afternoon ordered my first one, I’ve gone for a Milky Tan Adori with the normal face! I’m very excited 🙂
    It sounds like you had a lovely holiday, the beach behind Nanni looks amazing. Indonesia conjures up such exotic visions for me, it must be wonderful to be able to holiday in such a place!
    Hugs Sharon in Spain x

    • Congratulations, Sharon, with your Adori! Haru’s dolls are very funny, it’s nice to play with them. And he makes them very fast. Looking forward to see you Adori soon 🙂

      I think it always great to have holidays. In any place 🙂

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