Kaye Wiggs Dark Tan Miki


When I played the game on DoA where I had to recycle some used clothes I showed step-by-step how I sewed outfits, shoes and made accessorizes for my Kaye Wiggs dolls. And I did a remark that because I had 5 MSD dolls at that moment I sewed 5 outfits.

I discovered during website reorganization that I have shown only 3 complete outfits. So I decided recently to take Kaye Wiggs Dark Tan Miki for a walk and take some pictures to show her outfit.

She has embroidered jeans that were embellished with crystals. Her pure white shirt ties at the front. I made a simple necklace that perfectly suits to her.

As her sisters she wears a wristband with her name on it.

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