Kaye Wiggs Laryssa Sunkissed

Kaye Wiggs Hope and Laryssa

I’ve finished to create images for my Kaye Wiggs MSD dolls. Now I need to take pictures of all created outfits. Yesterday I took my Hope and Laryssa for photo-session. And today I can show some of their pictures.

Yesterday was a really sunny day. I used a filter against the sun on my camera but sometimes the pictures are very light. I took around 60 pictures but only five I can show.

Here is my Laryssa wearing white jeans and checkered shirt I sewed for her. I weaved a macrame belt as well. Also she wears a wristband with her name as other my Kaye Wiggs dolls.

Hope joined to Laryssa.

They look similar, don’t they?

Love her!

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