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Kaye Wiggs Layla


I finished huge project sewing 5 outfits for my Kaye Wiggs MSD dolls. Now I only take pictures of these outfits.

This weekend I took Kaye Wiggs Layla for a walk and, of course, I took her pictures.

I like this KW mold but it’s really hard to take her pictures for me due her skintone. She’s sunkissed, and my pictures are always dark :(

But anyway please meet Alicia (this name I gave to KW Layla).

When I made the suspenders I thought about to make them heart-shaped at the back. But I never saw this type of shape on the back before. Usually the connection on the back has triangle shape or something similar. But because I made the suspenders myself I decided – why not? What do you think about Alicia’s suspenders?

Also I’ve already posted step-by-step pictures how I made moccasins. Alicia shows her own white moccasins:

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