Nanea Mitchell in a dress from Rose Garden collection

Rose Garden – American Girl doll dresses collection

Last time when I showed my small collection of dresses for American Girl dolls, I thought that it was wonderful to sew collections of doll clothes.

But one collection more I do not have such thoughts πŸ™‚


Because it turned out that it’s not difficult for me to sew a collection, but it’s difficult for me to do what I hate most in the hobby – to take pictures of the collection.

Of course, it’s not so difficult to take photos of the collection for my shop. This can be done at home, especially if I can catch good lighting and find a large white background.

The situation is more difficult for me when I need to take photos that convey the general mood of the collection. And now, when the wet season begins soon, it will be almost impossible for me. I don’t want to take pictures during the rain or put my dolls to the wet ground after. So I decided to close this direction for me πŸ™‚

Although I am very pleased with my dolls dressed in the same style.

But let’s go back to the latest collection. I called it “Rose Garden” collection and had an idea to sew dresses that suitable for morning or afternoon strolls in a city, to visit cafes, shops, sightseeing, etc.

Fabric, shoes and doll clothes hanger

These are the fabrics that I chose originally for the collection.


Then I found leather that suits to all the fabrics by color, and decided to make shoes as well.


But in the final collection I used not all the fabrics.

The chosen fabrics are lightweight batiste. They are so thin that I had to use water soluble stabilizer to make buttonholes!

When I finished sewing, I made shoes that suits the collection. I’ve already shown the process. Then I decided that I need a doll clothes hanger to take pictures of my collection, and made one. All the preparations were finished.

Kimono sleeves dress

I also showed this dress, because Lea got it as a birthday present.


The dress is very simple, and has 3 buttons closure at the back:



Sleeveless dresses

I made an open back on these dresses:


Nanea liked the beige sleeveless dress and wore it in her morning stroll near a pond.


Short sleeves dresses


Dresses with gathers

Next two dresses are very similar: they have gathers at the front and puffy sleeves. The difference is only that one of the dresses has a belt with roses.



I decided that the collection will not be complete if it lacks of accessories. I bought glass beads that, I think, perfectly match with the collection. I also bought stainless steel fittings made in Korea.


I’m really tired with this collection. But I do understand why fashion companies have their fashion shows year before the season πŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “Rose Garden – American Girl doll dresses collection

  • I think you did very well to commit yourself to a whole collection, those dresses are beautiful, as are the sandals and the jewellery. But yes, a lot of work is involved!!
    I think the photos came out great too πŸ™‚

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