Striped dress for Sophie


At the end of the last year I complained that I was sewing outfits for an online doll shop but my own dolls were naked and did not even have panties! This year I’ve decided to correct this injustice. :)

Sophie has been living with me for about a year already. She works as a model and tries on a lot of outfits but doesn’t have her own dress! When I saw some fabric with dark blue stripes I immediately imagined Sophie in a dress like that and decided that this dress will be only hers and nobody else’s! I have to say that the idea of the dress does not belong to me. I have seen a similar dress on the Internet but unfortunately I do not remember the author. :(

For the bodice of the dress I used a pattern that my friend gave me. She published the pattern on her blog, but I can’t find it now. I made the pattern for the skirt myself.

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