Swimsuits for Nanni

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I sewed these swimsuits for our short trip to Bintan two years ago. Unfortunately, I had no time to take photos of Nanni in her swimsuits.

Next I had an idea to take the photos of Nanni, wearing her swimsuits, at our pool. But it was hard for me to go to the pool when it’s not too sunny, not raining, not a lot of playing and splashing children, etc., etc… And then I saw this wonderful location, a small river in a park, and got an aim to take Nanni’s photos only at this location!

Because you’re reading this post now, you’ve already had a guess that I finally went to that location and took pictures 🙂

At first, Nanni would like to show her dark blue swimsuit with red ruffle at the… hmm.. back 🙂


This is not a deep river, but, unfortunately, it’s not allowed to swim in it or even cross over. But when it’s hot outside, I think, it’s still possible to wet feet.


Next we went towards a pond with waterfalls and lotuses, where Nanni would like to show her red swimsuit with asymmetrical neckline.


Hey! What do you think about my swimsuit? Is red color suits me more?


When Nanni sat on a lotus leaf, she felt herself as Thumbelina.


And at the end of the walk Nanni decided to refresh herself under the waterfall. Do you see a lot of sprays around? It’s funny!


2 thoughts on “Swimsuits for Nanni

  • These are beautiful photos Ariadne and I love Nanni’s swimsuits. I live across the road from the beach and am always saying that I should have swimsuits for my girls but so far, I’ve never made even one of them anything to wear to swim in….I’m a terrible dolly mum!!!
    Big hugs!
    Sharon in Spain x

    • Thank you, Sharon!

      I’m protesting. You are a good dolly mum! They are well-cared, with good make-ups and wigs, and wonderful clothes. And if they have no swimsuits for now, so it’s only for now 😉

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