Tonner Antoinette outfit: long striped skirt and cropped top with 3D embroidery. Inspired by Alberta Ferretti, part 4

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As I mentioned in the comment on the previous post about the striped dress with 3D embroidery, this outfit became a reason I started to sew this collection for my own dolls.

Once again, the outfit is very simple. It consists with a long pleated skirt from striped silk and a cropped white cotton top.


The top has embroidered flowers in the tone of the stripes on the skirt. It’s embellished with 3D chiffon flowers as well.


Yes, the cut of the skirt and the top is very simple, but the combination of the wide colorful skirt and the cropped and fitted colorless top is excellent! And this combination gives a great opportunity to show a slim waist when a wideness of hips just only guessed.

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