Dollsbe Paprika and Iplehouse BID Nami wear drop off shoulder dresses

Two similar dresses, two different patterns

It’s wonderful to live close to the equator. Because the weather is great all year round and it’s possible to play outside with friends.

Can we go out?

It’s possible to discuss secrets while nobody hear. Or negotiate rules of a game.


Or play with a ball later.

– Are you ready?
– Yes, pass it to me!

P.S. These two dresses look very similar, except a waistline, of course. But…

The pattern for the brown patchwork dress was made from a basic pattern, I only lengthened the shoulder line.
I drew the pattern for the dress with roses as a cap sleeve dress from a scratch. Both dresses only look similar but have some difference in fitting.

2 thoughts on “Two similar dresses, two different patterns

  • I like this style of dress and have made them in many sizes over the years. It’s nice to not have to do inset sleeves 🙂
    Both dresses look great!

    • Thank you, Sharon!

      I totally agree with you about easiness of sewing this type of sleeve 🙂 I just would like to show that two different patterns give two different results that look almost similar. But I probably only see the difference because I know about it.

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