When you follow up your favorite fashion blogger.

“A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….”

I’ve showed jeans prototype for American Girl doll.

I finished jeans themselves and matching longsleeve very quickly, then ordered matching red sneakers and got them. But as usual, I had no time to take photos :(.

– Who is matching? – you may ask about the longsleeve and the sneakers.

Lea’s favorite fashion blogger, of course! 🙂

And recently Lea got a chance to have a photo shoot with the blogger in matching outfits.

Lea Clark in matching outfit with fashion blogger.

These jeans for American Girl doll have a prototype – original Levi’s jeans. So Lea’s jeans has 5th small front pocket, top-stitched belt loops and a codpiece. The jeans front pockets made with the same technology as the original jeans’ pockets made (I’ll show wrong jeans side below). And, of course, they have nice metal button closure.

Jeans for American Girl doll, front view

And jeans have back pockets as well.

Jeans for American Girl doll, back view
Full outfit, front view.
Full outfit, back view. I’ve used thin Velcro for the first time for longsleeve closure. Not bad, I suppose?
Full outfit, wrong side. Pay attention to the pockets, I’ve mentioned about them above.

While Lea waited for the photoshoot, I created her virtual 3D mannequin. And “tried” jeans on it.

Jeans for American Girl doll, virtual fitting
Virtual fitting.

The virtual fitting clearly shows how are the pockets look including 5th small pocket. I just was lazy and didn’t remove symmetry on details, so Lea doesn’t have two codpieces 🙂 and 6th small pocket 😉

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