Dollsbe Paprika

Dollsbe Paprika new face up


I bought Dollsbe (Be with you…) Paprika last year and received her in November. But unfortunately I got allergy to Mr. Super Clear so I was unable to make her face up. She stayed with blank face, and I have suffered because of this. Now I discovered that I can use Tamia as sealant without any reaction so that when I had time first of all I took her and made her face up with a huge pleasure. This is second version of her face.

When I ordered her I thought that she will be red as carrot. I tried different wigs in carrot color but they didn’t suit her. When I received this wig from ForMyDoll company I also thought that it didn’t suit her because she was without face up and wig color didn’t match with her.

But when I finished face up I understood that this wig is really hers! What do you think about?

I made freckles because she is red as carrot :) Do you like them?

I also blushed her tiny fingers. I received her with two hands pairs extra and I’m about to make blushing on them too.

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