I try to spend my photoshoots in nature, if possible of course. I’m not a good photographer, and natural light helps me to make my photos better than they would be at home.

Usually I use a bicycle to reach photoshoots’ locations. Last time on the way home I made a small accident and seriously injured my hand. So I can not sew now or do something else by hands but the injured hand still allow me to process the photos.

Here are a couple of photos I made last time:

While I was getting ready for a photo shoot, my models were playing catch-up. Well, what else they have had to do, if they’re only 4 years old? They had no time to be bored!

P.S. At the evenings I keep on changing information on my website. Some of the posts have been already moved back from the archives to the website. Many of the posts, especially where I had shown a work-in-progress, were complemented by detailed description. I hope the website becomes more informative. I have a lot of ideas, more than the time to their realization :) I hope that my hand will recover soon, and I’ll write new posts with new projects and photographs, I will show new step-by-step pictures in my new WIP posts. I will start and finish the roombox which also will start new sewing projects! I’m doing research right now for new historical projects as well as embroidery projects.

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