Dollsbe Paprika in Chinese Garden

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Yesterday, unexpectedly, we decided to go for a walk to the Chinese Garden. And I took Paprika with me to take her photos. What a wonderful day it was! It was about to rain, and thus there was no direct sun. Great for photos!

See how brave Paprika turned out to be! She put her hand into the lion’s mouth without fear!


The lion is not at all dangerous, you can rest easily next to it.


Then we walked towards two small pagodas that were built on a bridge above the water.


Then Paprika climbed on the rocks, and somebody even fell down from them.


She was lucky, she did not even hurt her make-up. But her eyes were defocused, and I couldn’t correct them well on the spot.

Then we went to a tea house…


… and had some rest.


Then the rain started, and we went home.

2 thoughts on “Dollsbe Paprika in Chinese Garden

  • Aww she looks like she’s having a really nice relaxing walk around these Chinese gardens. The photos are lovely. Pity she had to fall but it happens to the best of us 😉
    We have a Japanese garden not too far from us and I keep meaning to go there with my dolls, one day I’ll get around to it.

    • Thanks, Sharon!

      Paprika had the relaxing walk not alone 🙂 We also enjoyed the park itself and the weather. There were less that half a dozen visitors, so I didn’t embarrassed to take pictures in the public place.

      Looking forward to see your dolls in Japanese garden 😉

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