Kaye Wiggs Talyssa Coffee Tan

Kaye Wiggs Coffee Tan Talyssa


I received Talyssa at the end of April. She is on Mei-Mei body and 2cm shorter than usual Kaye Wiggs MSD body. She is the first doll on this body I have. I doubted about buying her because I was not enchanted with previous Talyssa dolls but her coffee tan skin tone won me. When she arrived her body also won me :)

I didn’t know her measurements thus I didn’t sew dress for her before her arrival. She is like poor relative now :) She got her dress from Kaye Wiggs Laryssa who has standart MSD body and wig from Iplehouse I bought for Jessica. Only her eyes came with her from jpopdolls.net and I think they suit her well.

May be because she got her dress from another doll but Talyssa was very embarassed on photoshoot.

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I gave her name Abigail. We both hope that she will get a new her own dress soon.

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