Red Christmas dresses for American Girl dolls

Who does look better in the same dress?


At the beginning of December last year I wrote a post that I had finished Christmas dresses for American Girl dolls. I even showed Lea Clark in her dress. But…

But unfortunately I have had no opportunity to take pictures with both my American Girl dolls together because of our weather conditions.

When I started this project I thought that Caroline would look gorgeous in red. And then I finished Lea’s dress :)

Here is Caroline Abbott in her dress:

And here is Lea Clark:

Both American Girl dolls together for better comparison:

What do you think: who looks better in the dress?


I should give credits to my husband who helped me to convert an ordinary headband to stylish headband for Caroline :) Isn’t she cute, is she?

2 thoughts on “Who does look better in the same dress?

  • For me, Lea looks best in the red dress but that could be because I like that face sculpt more so am maybe drawn to it.
    I think Caroline’s hair looks good with the red though, being lighter blond. But to be honest, both girls look nice in their pretty dresses.

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