18-19 inch dolls

American Girl dolls

American Girl doll Marie-Grace
Name: Marie-Grace Gardner Born: March 3, 1843 Release: 2011 I left her name Marie-Grace.
Caroline Abbott
American Girl doll Caroline Abbott
ANA: Caroline Abbott Born: October 22, 1802 Release: 2012
Lea Clark
American Girl doll Lea Clark
ANAe: Lea Clark Born: August 14, 2005 Release: 2016
Nanea Mitchell
American Girl doll Nanea Mitchell
Name: Nanea Mitchell Born: April 11, 1932 Release: 2017
Caroline Abbott (BeForever)
American Girl doll Caroline Abbott BeForever (OOAK)
Name: Caroline Abbott BeForever Born: 22 October, 1802 Release: 2014 I gave her name Laura Annabel.

Effanbee dolls

Katie Little Princess
Effanbee Katie Little Princess
Katie Little Princess, Effanbee doll, 2006 Fall/Holiday Collection, LE250 Name: Katyushka

Gotz dolls

Gotz Sophie from Happy Kidz Collection 2009
Sophie is from Happy Kidz Collection (2009). I left her original name, Sophie.

Helen Kish dolls

Anne of Green Gables
Anne of Green Gables
Anne of Green Gables, Helen Kish doll, 1997, LE500
Name: Anya


Dollsbe (Be with you) dolls

Fairyland dolls

Harucasting dolls

Iplehouse dolls

Kaye Wiggs dolls

Souldoll dolls

Soom dolls

Volks dolls

Whispering Grass dolls

Tonner dolls

Antoinette body

Athletic body


Harry Potter

The Lord Of The Rings

Wildeimagination dolls