Roombox walls decorating

Roombox construction. Part 2.


Last time I wrote that probably I should make the ceiling to secure the walls better. So this part of construction works I started with the ceiling.

I didn’t specify the size of roombox details. I used 60 cm * 45 cm plywood for the subfloor and the rear wall and 45 cm * 30 cm plywood for the side walls. I bought 60cm * 15 cm plywood for the ceiling. I chose this size because I do not need solid ceiling, I wish to have sunlight :) in my roombox, and I need the ceiling only to secure the walls.

The ceiling

I repeated all operations I did before with the subfloor. I sawed the slats, glued them to get the grooves similar on the subfloor. So here is the result:

You can see that it really fixes the walls:

Here is the finished roombox:

And here is it folded:

I like how little space it takes when it folded. Do you like it?

Decoration works

When the base of roombox finished it’s time to start decoration works! I glued the ice cream sticks in the bottom of the walls.

I bought a plinth for a dollhouse in a craft store. It looks like a real! And this is the first fitting as it will look in my roombox. I think it’s perfect :)

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