Roombox construction: part 4

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As known 🙂 we moved out last Autumn. At first, it was easier to pack my roombox when it folded and took less space in boxes. I was really glad that I guessed to make it foldable 🙂

Secondly, as you can check on previous pictures I was about to cover the floor with brown acrylic. But the natural wood looks so wonderful! I was afraid to lose its natural beauty, texture and warmth. That’s why I went to the DIY shop and bought wood varnish. And covered the floor.


I did like how it turned out and started to think to cover the walls as well.

A few months later 🙂 I had time to glue wooden brusks painted in green. Sorry they are not in focus, but I’ve already glued them and cannot repeat the scene 🙂


After I finished to glue the brusks I decided to make the paint more bright. I sprayed some paint to the cap and painted the brusks with a brush.


All works finished.


The room looks much better. Do you agree?


I’m in doubt right now. I thought to cover the walls with wood varnish. But in this case the walls will loose their matt texture. And the acrylic painting is strong itself and not required a protection.

Next step – to make a bed.

2 thoughts on “Roombox construction: part 4

  • It looks good to me, I love room boxes and little scenes, I would love to make something for my bjds…but where to store it!!

    • Thank you, Sharon! I made it foldable 😉 Easy to pack, store and unpack 😉

      Also I’m planning to use both sides of the walls, so I’ll get two rooms in the one roombox. It’s possible to change the floor as well and get one more room 🙂 A lot of opportunities 🙂

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