The grooves carefully fix the walls

The construction has started! Roombox for Dollsbe Paprika.

I’ve already bought all necessary supplies for the roombox. I bought plywoods for walls and floor and a pink scrapbooking paper for wallpaper. Also I bought ice-cream sticks to decorate walls and a green acrylic spray to paint them. Then I bought smaller size sticks to make a bed and floor and a light brown acrylic spray to cover the floor. I just forgot to buy wooden slats to start making the roombox and white acrylic to paint the bed.

I have no space at home to keep the roombox thus I’ll do it foldable.

So I started to make the room gluing the wooden slats to the wooden base.

Here’s the grooves I got at the end.

As you can see, these grooves fix the walls very carefully. I think that I should make a ceiling to secure the walls better on top.

After I finished the walls, I measured the floor width and tried to saw unnecessary part off. Unfortunately, I was not succeed, and now I’m waiting for assistance.

I started to make a bed base while I’m waiting. I used the ice cream sticks in different sizes to make the bed frame first. Now I know that I also need a thin wooden slats for the bed legs. I hope I will buy them soon.

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