Second mint sleeveless sweater for Caroline

I wrote at the previous post that I also knitted a sweater for Lea. But the mint color really doesn’t suit her! I tried on the sweater, took it off and decided to sew the white shirt for Lea :) Continue reading “Second mint sleeveless sweater for Caroline”

White shirt and sand color suede trousers for Lea

Lea also got sand color faux suede trousers. But because mint color doesn’t suits her I sewed a white shirt instead of knitted mint sweater :) Continue reading “White shirt and sand color suede trousers for Lea”

Mint sleeveless sweater for Caroline Abbott

I finished knitted sleeveless sweater for Caroline, then another one for Lea. But my dolls can’t wear the sweaters without bottoms so I had to sew trousers for them. Continue reading “Mint sleeveless sweater for Caroline Abbott”